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White Fillings

If metal amalgam (the stuff those nasty dark fillings are made of) was invented today, it would most likely not make it into the dental practice, given its mercury content and aesthetically unpleasing black colour.  With the advancements in dental technology, today we can offer beautiful blended white fillings that will leave you happy and confident about your smile.

When it comes to white fillings there are two methods of application:

Composite Resin - Beautifully Blending

Most “first fillings” can be beautifully blended to your natural tooth using glossy tooth coloured Composite Resin.  Today’s composites are generally not noticeable to the naked eye, and their high durability means that they can last for years.

Placing Composite Resin is an art form, and the clinicians at Rosalie Dental have perfected their technique over many years so that your undetectable Composite Resin fillings last longer.

Cerec Inlays   -  Strong, Beautiful Teeth

When replacing old large fillings, unquestionably the most effective and aesthetic restoration we have available today is Cerec.  Cerec is pressed ceramic and is used to protect and preserve your tooth’s structural integrity.  The colour and appearance make the special ceramic blend with your tooth.  By using Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM), the whole procedure is accomplished in a single visit.  The clinicians at Rosalie Dental have been using this technology since 2001.  So for strong, beautiful teeth, think cerec!

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