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White Braces

Stage 3 - White Braces

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About White Braces

White (Or Ceramic) Braces are a relatively newer, but proven, treatment option that utilise Ceramic materials rather than metal. The reason being that the ceramic materials can be made to be clear (or "white") and therefore act as a more aesthetic solution for older teenagers or adults who may be more concerned about the cosmetic aspect of the treatment.

It is this transparency that has given them a great following and we often recommend them for patients who would like to rectify their crooked smile but to do so more discreetly than metal braces. They come in varying degrees of transparency and it is best to consult with Dr Pulvirenti to determine what is best in your situation.

In addition to the clear ceramic brackets, there are 2 types of wires that can make white braces even more inconspicuous. These wires are made up of either white metal wires or clear elastic wires. The metal wires generally provide a stronger, firmer bind, however, they do tend to lose their white coating over longer periods of time.

When it comes to orthodontics there is not a "best solution" for all patients. It comes down to the individual's preferences as there are pros and cons to aesthetics and functionality. Dr Pulvirenti will discuss the various options in your appointment, but we have included some information below.

White Braces - Single Arch

$4,300 - payment plans available

White Braces - Dual Arch

$7,070 - payment plans available

How Does It Compare To Other Treatments?

White braces are the most aesthetic option when it comes to braces. They are designed to be difficult to detect to the naked eye for patients who prefer a more discreet option. The treatment time also generally is less than Invisalign and other clear aligner methods.

They do require more attention to oral hygiene (as they can stain) than Metal Braces and are generally slightly less comfortable as they are larger and not as strong. Dr Pulvirenti will discuss your options along with all the pros and cons of each treatment in your FREE initial consultation.

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