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At Rosalie Dental we use the most current technology to produce results of the best possible quality in the most efficient and comfortable way, establishing us as one of Queensland's best dental practices.

Oral Camera:

Mounted in a small tube that can easily be moved around the Intra Oral Camera gives us a close-up, detailed view of your mouth live on our TV screen. This allows you to view the areas of concern being explained by our dentists.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays:

Producing 90% less radiation that traditional film x-rays low dose, digital x-rays allow us to instantly view the result on a screen you can see from your dental chair so we can efficiently explain any problem areas.

Computer Aided Restoration (CEREC):

This machine represents the latest innovation in dental technology, allowing for complex restoration processes to be completed in a single visit. CEREC technology allows for the creation of quick strong, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing restorations which enhance functionality and protect your tooth’s existing structure.

Using a 3D camera CEREC creates a digital model of your tooth. From this our dentist then creates a perfect restoration on the computer screen. A porcelain block is placed into the CEREC machine which carves an exact filling, inlay, crown or other restoration which is then permanently bonded to the tooth/teeth. This strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing restoration is created and completed in a single visit, without the need for an external laboratory.

OPG (Orthpantomograph):

This advanced x-ray machine gives our dentists a complete panoramic x-ray of your teeth and upper and lower jawbones. This is particular useful for identifying impacted wisdom teeth.