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Metal Braces

Stage 3 - Metal Braces

At Rosalie Dental, Dr Pulvirenti will provide an initial consultation ($52) to determine your (or your child's) suitability for Metal Braces, as well as potentially discuss other alternatives if applicable. Contact our friendly team on (07) 3369 5711 to book your consultation.

Metal Braces - Dual Arch:


Metal Braces (or traditional braces) are primarily made up of metal brackets and wires. However what many people do not realise is that "traditional" braces have been modernised and are now actually much smaller and less noticeable without having a negative affect on the end result.

About Metal Braces

Commonly believed to be the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth, braces are made up of a number of components including brackets, which are bonded to the outside of the teeth and are the most visible part of the appliance. They are commonly silver but can also come in gold, clear, multi-coloured and glow-in-the-dark varieties.

Archwires are another component which help to carry the force that moves teeth, ligatures are rubber rings or twisted wires used to tie the archwire to each bracket and bands are flat metal rings placed around a tooth to "provide a stronger means" of attaching a bracket.

They are generally adjusted monthly to aid with the effectiveness of the treatment, and help correctly align or straighten crooked teeth.

Metal Braces - Single Arch

$3,800 - payment plans available

Metal Braces - Dual Arch

$6,570 - payment plans available

How Do They Compare To Other Treatments?

While metal braces are generally more detectable to the eye, they are also generally the most comfortable braces option, being smaller and smoother than White Braces.

For kids, there is the added benefit of selecting the colour of their elastics, providing a level of personalisation not available with other treatment options.

Dr Pulvirenti will guide you through how to keep maintain your braces and oral health during the treatment and provide information on what foods should be avoided.

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