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Ten things we do to help anxious patients

1. The Wand

An amazing device we use to deliver the anaesthetic to the teeth without the pain and without numbing unwanted areas such as the face, lips, cheek and tongue. Children and adults alike are so surprised about how easy the process is! Because most procedures can be treated without numbing the unwanted areas of the face, our patients are able to eat and drink or go to their afternoon appointments feeling completely normal. Learn more.

2. IV Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

If it’s all too much we can put you to sleep. We do this by using two Dentists at the same time. One performs your treatment, and the other (more appreciated) one performs your sedation. Almost all dental and surgical procedures can be treated while you are asleep and we have this available every 6 weeks. Learn more.

3. Nitrous Oxide (happy gas)

The old gold standard happy gas still works wonderfully well. This takes the edge off everything that is going on around you. Because nitrous oxide is completely out of your system the moment you step out of the dental chair, you are able to drive yourself home and continue with you day.

4. Prescription Drugs

Another effective option is the use of Valium (Diazepam). Our friendly Dentist can prescribe medication to be taken the night before and the day of your dental procedure.

5. Relaxing Music

Let’s face it. Music makes the world go ‘round. And at Rosalie Dental, integrated music throughout the entire practice is a major priority. Our specially selective music puts both patients and staff in the ultimate calm state of mind for dental treatment.

6. Headphones for iPod

If you prefer your own essential “dental treatment playlist”, then you are most welcome to bring your own device. You can use our special noise reducing headphones to block out those less than welcome noise vibrations too!

7. Television On The Ceiling

With 10 Foxtel channels to choose from, you can enjoy a movie, sporting event, or music channel. Your children will no longer be interested in what the Dentist is doing while they are zoned into the kid's channel!

8. Unbelievably Friendly Service From Staff

We are here to make things as easy for you as possible. At Rosalie Dental, all of the staff love working in dentistry and are committed to making your experience with us memorable for all of the right reasons.

9. Empathy From The Dentist

At the end of the day your Dentist is here to help you get to a better place with the look, function and health of your smile. No judgements, no pressure. Just sound advice and as much control to you, the patient, as possible.

10. Single visit crowns with Cerec

Minimising the number of visits to one for your crowns with our state of the art CEREC.

If you would like dental treatment but are feeling a little anxious about the procedure, simply contact our practice and let us know your concerns. Our staff can advise what is available, and you can also voice any concerns during your initial consultation so you can determine with Dr Pulvirenti what will make you most comfortable.